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Engineering Career Fair

February 2, 2022
1:00–6:00 p.m. 
Presidents and Deans Halls, The Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center

Held annually, the Engineering Career Fair is the premier engineering spring recruiting event, typically attended by 2,000-2,500 undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Engineering and from engineering majors in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Business casual attire (especially featuring your employer name or logo) is recommended. It's also advisable to dress in layers, as the venue may start out cool but typically becomes quite warm once it gets busy with attendees. If you wish to wear a name tag, please bring one with you.

Arrival and Check-In

If you are arriving on the morning of the Fair, you can drop off materials—if needed—in front of the Penn Stater at the Presidents Hall entrance (through the intersection in front of the hotel and just to the left). Volunteers will be available to help. 

After parking your car in one of the lots, enter the building either through the courtyard or the registration area on the lower level (climb the stairs to the main level by Room 102). Check in at Conference Registration Desk II.  

Materials Shipping

Before the Event

Advance shipping of materials will be managed by the Penn Stater.

Please review, print out, and complete the Engineering Career Week 2022 Shipping Form [PDF] and fax it to The Penn Stater at 814-863-5001 two weeks prior to the event, along with credit card information. The Penn Stater will only accept shipments within four (4) business days of the start of the event, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00pm (ET). For any questions about shipping, please contact Delyn Walker, Conference Services Manager for this event. 

Consult the Conference Concierge desk for any questions about shipped materials after you have arrived at the venue.

After the Event

If you are taking your materials with you:

  • Disassemble your booth and pack up your remaining materials.
  • If desired, ask a student volunteer to help you move all materials to the drop-off entrance (front of hotel, outside Presidents Hall). 
  • Retrieve your vehicle from the parking lot and drive to the drop-off entrance to pick up your materials. 

If you are shipping your materials back to your workplace:

  • Disassemble your booth and pack up your remaining materials.
  • Take your materials to the Shipping Concierge (to the right of the main hotel entrance).

Meals and Refreshments

The Penn Stater offers two on-site restaurant options to purchase your meals. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day in the Employer Lounge (Senate Suite). 

COVID-19 Information

At this time, Penn State is requiring all students, faculty, staff, and visitors—both vaccinated and unvaccinated—to wear masks indoors at all campuses. Universal masking is required in all classrooms—regardless of size—as well as in meeting rooms, common areas in residence halls, and at any indoor events. Disposable masks will be available at this event, if needed. 

We are also implementing or recommending other actions to help mitigate transmission of the coronavirus at this and other in-person events:

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be be available in different locations at the venue. We also recommend that participants bring their own sanitizing gels or wipes if possible.
  • We discourage handshaking to limit physical contact. Instead, we recommend addressing other event participants with a wave or a verbal greeting.
  • We discourage distribution of paper handouts and other giveaway items. While we encourage students to bring paper copies of their résumés in case they are requested, we are also recommending that students and employers alike share information electronically to the degree possible.

Your presence at this program, event, or activity indicates your agreement to adhere to all University policies, including health and safety policies, and your acknowledgement that you are voluntarily participating in this program, event, or activity. You further acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and assume any and all risk of exposure to or infection by it or any variant thereof, including, without limitation, personal injury, illness, severe complications, permanent disability, and/or death.

See the Penn State Coronavirus Information website for the latest health and safety updates.


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