We solicit information from students who have opted to receive credit for their experience and from their supervisors by means of mid-semester and end-of-semester evaluations.

The student evaluations ask about:

  • Their level of satisfaction with the technical work they are doing or have done during their internship or co-op
  • Their perception of their own preparedness for their internship or co-op, based on their technical coursework at Penn State
  • The degree to which their employer helped them with adjustment to, and integration into, the workplace
  • The degree to which they used their coursework in their internship or co-op
  • Their views about their own professional development as a result of the internship or co-op

The employer evaluations ask about:

  • Their assessment of students' preparedness for internship or co-op experiences
  • Their impressions of students' quality of work and professionalism
  • Their overall impressions of their student workers' development during the internship or co-op experience

Data from these evaluations is provided to specified individuals within the College of Engineering. If you already have access to our Co-op & Internship Assignment Management System as a Grading Manager, use your account information for this system to log in.

If you have not used this site in the past, please contact us to obtain an account.


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