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Faculty and Staff

Our staff is available to help both undergraduate and graduate engineering students prepare for internship, co-op, and entry-level full-time employment by providing guidance about where to look for jobs, how to prepare job search documents—including résumés, curricula vitae, cover letters—and how to present themselves professionally.

However, students sometimes approach faculty or staff within their departments with career-related questions, especially those that relate specifically to their major or area of study. Undergraduates often ask questions about the types of industries they can work in with their major, how to choose between two job offers, and how they can use internship or co-op credit toward degree requirements. Graduate students often have more general questions about how to find research positions (especially at the Ph.D. level), how to make job contacts in their fields of interest, how to promote their graduate-level skills, and how to grow their professional networks. We welcome any specialized assistance you can provide; otherwise, please feel free to refer students to us for assistance.

We support engineering faculty and staff in other areas where assistance might be needed in working with both students and employers, including:


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