Where To Look For Jobs

While you may have friends or acquaintances who found an internship, co-op, or entry-level full-time position easily through one career fair or referral, most job-seekers need to use a combination of job search resources to find the right position. Try some of the following resources for your search!

Industry Positions

  • Nittany Lion Careers
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • SimplyHired—A job search engine that provides access to a large selection of U.S. jobs that are sourced from various websites
  • USA Jobs—The official jobs website of the U.S. federal government
  • Glassdoor—A job site where current and former employees post employer reviews, salary information, and interview questions
  • LinkUp—A professional job search engine that scans more than 35,000 company websites
  • Jobted—A job search engine that provides access to a large selection of U.S. and international jobs, searchable by job title and city/country
  • WayUp—A comprehensive job/internship search resource in a variety of fields
  • Indeed—A comprehensive professional job search resource in a variety of fields
  • CareerJet—A job search engine that provides access to a large selection of U.S. jobs that are sourced from various websites
  • ZipRecruiter for Engineering Students—A job search engine for students seeking internship and full-time work opportunities
  • Best Places To Work In PA—A resource for students who want to work in Pennsylvania after graduation
  • PA Employment—A resource for government jobs in Pennsylvania
  • GovernmentJobs.com/PA Bureau—A resource for internships and apprenticeships in Pennsylvania

Academic Positions

You should also look at the departmental websites of specific institutions where you want to work (if applicable) and find out what types of research the faculty there are doing to determine how it may align with your own background and goals.

Research Positions

Fraudulent Job Postings

Always use caution, instinct, and common sense when evaluating job opportunities—either in Nittany Lion Careers or elsewhere.

The following job posting features should raise red flags for any jobseeker*:

  • It requests that you provide personal information—Social Security Number, bank account numbers, credit card details, passport, or driver's license numbers—at the time of application.
  • It offers you a job prior to having any type of interview or interaction with the employer.
  • It contains numerous spelling or grammatical errors.
  • It either contains no contact email at the company or provides the name of a contact with a personal email account (e.g., FirstnameLastname@gmail.com) rather than one associated with the company (e.g., FirstnameLastname@ABCManufacturing.com).
  • It either does not contain a link to the organizational URL or contains a link that directs the user to a site other than the organizational site (e.g., manufacturingcareers@hotlinks.net). Sometimes a link may appear to be legitimate (e.g., manufacturingcareers@ABCManufacturing.com) but when you mouse over the link, it directs you to a fraudulent site.
  • It requires you to complete any type of financial transaction, including transferring or wiring money from one account to another or paying for a service by wire or courier.
  • It offers you money in exchange for allowing the use of their bank accounts for depositing checks or transferring money.
  • It focuses much more on the amount of money that can be made than on the actual job responsibilities.
  • It either seems to offer a large paycheck for very little work or for minimal experience or offers a payment prior to starting the position.

Legitimate companies will never ask you to provide personal information such as Social Security numbers at the point of application and will never ask you to pay to apply for any position!

If you find what you believe is a fraudulent job posting in Nittany Lion Careers, please notify us. If you find one elsewhere on the Internet, contact the local police, who will conduct an investigation regardless of where the fraudulent posting originated. If you have already sent money in response to a fraudulent job posting, contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

*Content derived from information provided by NACELink Symplicity.


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