Department Contacts 

Department contacts are designated faculty or staff members within different departments in the Colleges of Engineering and Earth and Mineral Sciences (University Park campus) who can answer student questions about how to use internship and co-op credits toward degree requirements. 

College of Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering (AERSP)

Robert Melton, Faculty Coordinator  
Email: | 814-865-1185 

Amy Custer, Staff Assistant
Email: | 814-865-6432 

Architectural Engineering (AE) 

Kevin Parfitt, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-863-3244 

Brenda Colby, Staff Assistant 
Email: | 814-865-8323

Biological Engineering (BE)

Megan Marshall, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-865-3392  

Wendy Thomas, Staff Assistant 
Email: | 814-863-1524 

Biomedical Engineering (BME) 

Justin Brown, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-865-5190 

Ariel Christine, Staff Assistant 
Email: | 814-863-6614 

Chemical Engineering (CHE) 

Gary Aurand, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-863-3845 

Jennie Gibson, Staff Assistant 
Email: | 814-865-9670  

Civil Engineering (CE)

William Burgos, Faculty Coordinator 
Email:  814-863-0578

Brenton (Brent) Hockenberry, Records Specialist 
Email: | 814-867-0470  

Computer Engineering (CMPEN)/Computer Science (CMPSC) 

Mark Mahon, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-867-5396 

Tami Mosch, Staff Assistant
Email: | 814-865-9505 

Electrical Engineering (EE) 

Mike Pusateri, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-863-0676  

Gabi Rhinehart, Staff Assistant 
Email: | 814-865-7272  

Engineering Science (ESC) 

Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-863-4319  

Industrial Engineering (IE) 

Sarah Root, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-865-7601  

Mandy Engel-Herbert, Education Program Specialist  
Email: | 814-865-0972

Mechanical Engineering (ME) 

Siu Ling "Pansy" Leung, Faculty Coordinator 
Email: | 814-865-2519  

Julia Snyder, Administrative Support Assistant 

Nuclear Engineering (NUCE)

Lori Yarger, Student Curriculum Coordinator
Email: | 814-865-5928

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences 

Undergraduate Students 

Kevin Fleck, Career Counselor 
Email: | 814-863-6616
EMS Internships & Career Resources

Graduate Students

Graduate EMS students should work with their graduate advisers for questions related to internships.

Campus Contacts

If you are attending a Penn State campus other than University Park, please work with your academic adviser to determine how to use internship or co-op credits toward your degree program. 

If you are planning a change of campus to University Park prior to completing an internship or co-op, please contact the Engineering Advising Center for assistance. 


Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations

College of Engineering

117 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710

Phone: 814-863-1032