Who Hires International Students?

As an international student, there will be many companies and organizations where you will not be allowed to work (for example, defense contractors).  You are likely to be more successful if you focus your efforts first on employers that have hired international candidates in the past.

So, where do you find out who has hired international students (or would consider doing so)?  Check out the following employers, who have all attended Penn State engineering career events and indicated their ability to sponsor visas for certain degree levels:

There are many more employers out there that have sponsored international student or graduate visas.  Some additional sites to check include:

  • H-1B Database: A searchable database that international students can use to find employers that have sponsored H-1B visas (information pulled from U.S. Department of Labor information)
  • Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC): A site that provides annual reports including information about employers that have sponsored different kinds of foreign workers and the types of positions those workers have held
  • MyVisaJobs.com: A site that provides annual information about which employers have petitioned for H-1B visas and permanent residencies

You should also expand your pool of potential job opportunities by applying for positions at multinational companies outside the U.S., perhaps in your home country or in a third country.  These experiences may help to make you more marketable in the future if you want to consider a U.S.-based job.

What if you want to work for an employer that doesn't specifically state that it won't provide visa sponsorship but hasn't done so in the past?  Go ahead and apply!  It's always worth a try.  Some employers might be willing to hire the right international student, even if they haven't done so yet!


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