On-Campus Recruiting

A wide variety of annual career events is held at the University Park campus each year. These events provide opportunities for you to make personal connections with students, provide information about your company or organization, and establish a presence on campus.  

We can also help you arrange special smaller-scale custom recruiting events or activities for students in specific majors or student organizations, such as:

  • A résumé review session (we suggest offering these just prior to large career events)
  • A recruiting day
  • A professional development talk on a technical or workplace topic
  • A networking event such as a tailgate, barbecue, lunch, or dinner
  • An information session about your company or organization

To reserve a date and location for your custom event, please contact the Recruiting Manager. We ask that you bring with you all the materials you will need for your event, including any office supplies (pens, pencils, paper) and extension cords.

Event Details

We want your recruiting visit to be successful! To ensure that we are able to communicate effectively with your target population about your custom event or activity, we need the following information:

  • Type of event (e.g., résumé review, workshop, tech talk, information session)
  • Overview of the event (e.g., discussion about the company, followed by Q&A and networking)
  • Event date(s), starting and ending time(s), and location(s)
  • Desired degree levels and majors, if the event isn’t open to all engineering students
  • Any other details you feel are important for students to know when they are making a decision about attending, including what to wear, what to bring, or how to register (if necessary)

Promoting Your Custom Event

We will promote your custom event on our website and through our social media channels; we will also create a PowerPoint slide featuring your logo and information about your event and add it to the event rotation on the TV monitors in the hall outside our office. 

Please note that we are unable to post paper flyers or distribute slides or other materials to students through email (per College of Engineering anti-spam rules).

Event Setup and Delivery

Please ensure that you arrive early enough to set up your booth, posters, or other event materials prior to your pre-arranged start time.

At least one recruiter from your company or organization should be present throughout the duration of your event. If for any reason you need to leave early, let us know so that we may communicate this information to students.

Visit/Event Cancellation

If you need to cancel your planned visit or specific event, contact the Recruiting Manager as soon as possible so that we may notify students, update promotional information, and release reserved rooms (if applicable).


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