Graduate Career Envoys

Graduate Career Envoys are M.S. and Ph.D. students who have completed at least one co-op or internship experience and who help promote programs supported by both our office and the College of Engineering. They can answer questions about résumés, cover letters, interviews, and professionalism at work. They also reach out to engineering students, faculty, and employers through volunteerism at events, in special programs, and in classrooms.

Some Graduate Career Envoys are internationals who can answer questions their fellow international students may have about details like the application process for work visas or cultural adjustment to a U.S. workplace.

Meet the Envoys

Contact the Graduate Career Envoys for any questions you may have.

Harish Narayanan
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University Park (May 2018)
Worked at: Cummins (Summer 2017)

Anuj Gurka
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University Park (May 2018)


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