Résumés and Documents

When you’re looking for an internship or full-time job after graduation, you have to do more than submit job applications. You also have to provide documentation that demonstrates that you have the credentials and professionalism to be successful in the workplace.

Documents that you may need for your job search include résumés, cover letters, recommendations, and thank-you notes.


A résumé is a summary of your educational background, work experience, and relevant skills.  Along with a cover letter, your résumé gives employers their first impression of you as a candidate. 

International students, please note: An American résumé is similar to what may be called a curriculum vitae (CV) in other countries; however, it should not be confused with an American CV, which is longer than a résumé and generally used to showcase a research and/or publication background.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter allows you to put the work experience on your résumé into a context for employers.  You should use a cover letter to introduce yourself to an employer, explain your interest in the company and in the specific job that you are applying for, highlight special interests or skills needed for the job (especially those refined by your graduate program), and persuade the employer to offer you an interview.  A strong cover letter also gives you the chance to show the employer that you have good written communication skills, which are important in any job.


A recommendation is a positive statement by a reference—often a current or former supervisor, colleague, or professor—about your suitability for a particular job or program.

Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes show respect and appreciation for the people who have helped you with your job search or given you the opportunity to interview for internship or full-time positions.

Sample Documents

See our sample documents for format and content ideas.


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