On-Campus Interviewing

Recruiters representing hundreds of different employers visit the University Park campus each year to interview students for internship, co-op, or full-time positions. Most on-campus interviews are held in the Bank of America Career Services Building; however, some interviews may also be held at The Nittany Lion Inn, the HUB, or other locations on campus.

If you are a student at a Penn State campus other than University Park, you may participate in virtual interviews at University Park by Skype or video connection. Alternatively, you are welcome to travel to University Park to interview in person, if possible.

Most on-campus interviews are one-on-one with you and the recruiter. Some interviews may be two-on-one (you and two recruiters), group interviews (one or more recruiters and a group of students), or "round robin" interviews in which you have sequential interviews with several recruiters from the same company or organization.

How to Obtain an Interview

There are different ways to obtain an on-campus interview with an employer. For example, you may be asked to interview by a recruiter with whom you have talked following a career fair, information session, or other on-campus career event.

The most common way, however, is to be officially invited through Nittany Lion Careers for a job to which you have already applied:

  • Apply to jobs you qualify for through Nittany Lion Careers. Recruiters from the relevant companies or organizations will review your résumé and decide whether or not to invite you to interview.
  • If you are invited through Nittany Lion Careers (i.e., in Invited status), you will receive an email to notify you that you need to log into the system and select an interview timeslot that works for your schedule. You will also see this invitation as an alert on your Nittany Lion Careers homepage after you have logged in.
  • Once you have been invited, your status will be Preselect (someone the employer wants to interview in the first round), Alternate (someone the employer will consider as a back-up), or Pending (someone who has applied but not been selected as a Preselect or Alternate). If you are in preselect status, it's very important that you sign up for an interview quickly.  Interview slots for preselect students are only open exclusively to them for a few days, after which alternates are free to sign up for those slots. Once you have applied for a job, check Nittany Lion Careers frequently to see if you have been preselected.
  • Once you have selected a timeslot, you will receive an email confirmation of the date, time, building, and check-in location of your interview. Take your Penn State student ID card and plan to arrive 10–15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.

Interview Cancellation

It is very important to take all scheduled interviews seriously. If you have signed up for an interview and can no longer attend due to illness or other commitments, you must contact us as soon as possible prior to your scheduled interview time.

If you are a no-show for an on-campus interview, you will have to speak to a member of our staff about the reason you missed the interview. You will also have to write a formal letter of explanation/apology to the employer and you will lose access to Nittany Lion Careers until you have done so.

If you are a no-show for more than one interview, you may lose your Nittany Lion Careers access permanently.


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