Unless your internship or co-op is located near your Penn State campus, you will need to find housing near your workplace and—if you’re gone during the fall or spring semester—make alternate plans for your Penn State housing.

Housing at Work

Employers offer varying levels of assistance in finding housing for interns and co-op participants.  A small number of employers actually provide housing for students or provide a housing stipend.  Some employers will provide information about local apartment complexes. 

In most cases, however, finding housing at your work location is your responsibility. So, where should you start?

  • Ask your employer for the contact information for former interns you could contact for housing advice and information.
  • Look for rental housing near your employer by using an online service such as:
  • If you are working near a Penn State campus other than the one you attend, you might be eligible to live in on-campus housing there, if available.
  • If you are working near the campus of a university other than Penn State, you could look for a sublet there.

Housing at Penn State

If you live on campus at University Park and you plan to do an internship in the fall or spring semesters, our staff can arrange to have your dorm contract canceled at your request for the semester you will be away.  However, you will be responsible for the other half of your contract.  Please notify us if you need assistance.

If you live on campus at a campus other than University Park, contact your housing office.

If you live off campus at University Park, check out Off-Campus Student Support.


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