How to Use Brazen Careers

Brazen Careers is a virtual text, audio, and video platform that many Penn State career offices use to host online career events, including information sessions, recruiting days, networking events, and career fairs.

To make the best use of Brazen Careers for career events, see the instructions and tips below.

Students with disabilities: Penn State encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you will be using a screen reader such as JAWS, or if you anticipate needing any other type of accommodation, please contact Kim Fox by email or call 814-863-9861 prior to the start of any Brazen event for assistance.

Before An Event


  • Each event held on the Brazen platform has a a unique URL and registration. Go to the link for the event you wish to attend.
  • Click on the Register Now button.
  • Choose a sign-up option on the left-hand side of the screen. You can sign up using Penn State Web Access (user ID and password, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.
  • You should see the Registration Form. Complete all required fields; fields that are not required may be completed if you want to provide employers more detailed information.
  • Upload your most up-to-date résumé.
  • Submit the Registration Form. You will be redirected to add the event to your calendar; use this feature to help organize all of the events (with links) that you plan to attend. Once you have registered for events, you can access Brazen from Google Chrome—the recommended browser—to see all of the events you are attending on one site.  

Check Technology

  • To avoid dropped calls where possible during events, we strongly recommend using a desktop computer with an ethernet connection, if available, rather than a cell phone.
  • Use headphones or earbuds with a microphone to enhance video/audio chat clarity. Test your sound prior to the event.
  • Test your system connectivity to Brazen. There may be hundreds—or in some cases, thousands—of students participating in some events. Make sure you don't miss out due to technical glitches!
  • We recommend that you log out of other programs that use internet bandwidth while actively participating in a virtual career event (e.g., close your email program and other internet pages/browsers).
  • Learn how to use the video booth in Brazen so you can join a video chat with employers.

Troubleshoot As Needed

Brazen has provided the following pre-event troubleshooting information.

I forgot my password.

Reset your password. Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within five minutes.

I'm not receiving any event emails. 

Emails are sent from First, check to see if they are getting caught in spam. Then, make sure to whitelist Brazen's IP address:

How do I test my audio and video?

You can run two automated tests to make sure you are prepared to join 1-to-1 video chats or videobroadcast booths:

Both tests are designed to help identify whether or not you have a technical issue and, if so, what kind. Follow the recommendations provided by the test results. Then, follow the next steps provided by Brazen.

Brazen isn't loading properly.

Make sure you are using a browser supported by Brazen, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Also, ensure that you have the most recent version of the browser. For best results, Chrome is recommended.

I need further assistance.

Brazen's support team is available to help. Visit Brazen's support site, submit a help request, or reach out to

Prepare to Meet Employers

  • Prepare a 30-second introduction—also known as an elevator pitch—including your name, student status (first-year, graduating senior, etc.), major and minor, and professional interests and goals that you can copy and paste at the beginning of each recruiter chat.
  • Research employers of interest that will be represented at the event by looking at their websites and social media.
  • Have questions prepared to ask recruiters about their company/organization, available positions, company culture, etc.
  • Dress as you would for an in-person career event (business professional attire), at least from the waist up.

The Day of the Event

Log In

  • Log in and click on the link for the appropriate event.
  • Once in the Lobby, enter into the booths and read about individual employers by using the labeled tabs.
  • Within the search functionality, you can select Advanced Search to filter by booth tags (major, position type, etc.)

Chat with Employers

  • Click on the green Chat button within a given booth to open your chat availability with that recruiter.
  • You can enter into multiple chat lines at once; your chat will automatically start with the first available recruiter. You can also enter into the chat lines by using the Manage Your Chats function on the left navigation bar; slide the toggle next to each employer. However, you cannot enter into a new chat until your current chat has concluded.
  • Keep in mind that—as with an in-person career event—there may be long lines to talk to some of the larger/most popular employers, and the wait time can be lengthy. We ask employers to bring as many representatives as possible to help alleviate long lines. Please be patient! Employers have the option to activate the Leave A Note feature, enabling students to notify individual employers know that they are interested in the company/organization but weren't able to wait in line. If the employer you want to talk to has enabled this feature, you may leave a note.
  • When a recruiter is available to chat, your chat window will automatically open; if you have entered into multiple lines, be sure to double-check which employer you are speaking with!
  • Start typing to greet the recruiter, or use your pre-prepared standard greeting (30-second pitch).
  • The recruiter may initiate a video chat, which you will need to accept in order to be connected. You will also be prompted to select the camera and speaker/microphone for each video/audio chat. If you do not select these for each chat, you will not be able to access the audio/video features.
  • Chats are set for a predetermined amount of time; during your chat, you'll see a timer so you know how much time you have left. Both students and recruiters have the ability to end the chat prior to the timer expiring.
  • When the chat is over, you will see a wrap-up screen where you can take personal notes about the conversation. If you need to take a break, hold off on submitting your notes until you are ready to chat again. Upon exiting the wrap-up screen, you will be matched with the next available recruiter (if you are in multiple lines) or you can get in a new line at a different booth if you aren't currently waiting.

After the Event

You can access your chat history for at least six months by clicking History in the upper right-hand corner of your screen from the Lobby. To access the Lobby after the event, enter the event just as you would if it were live.

For More Assistance

Brazen User Support [PDF documents*]

BrazenLive Video Broadcast and 1-on-1 Video Technical Requirements 

*Brazen provides some training resources in PDF format only at this time. Please contact us if you have difficulty accessing the information.


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