Networking Letter

The following document is only intended to be an example of content and formatting. Please note that a networking letter should be no more than one page long when printed out.

If you are mailing a physical letter, include the recipient's name and address and the date at the top of the letter.


Ms. R. E. Cruiter
Human Resources Manager, XYZ Paper Company

Dear Ms. Cruiter:

Dr. B. A. Teacher, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State, suggested that I get in touch with you. Dr. Teacher is my academic adviser and he thought that you would be an excellent contact to answer a few questions about my career path.

As a Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate student, I am still exploring which career path to pursue. At this point, I am considering the possibilities of working in ceramics, metallurgy, or polymers. I would like to get your advice on the long-term career prospects for these areas, as well as a better understanding of the type of work that an engineer with a Materials Science and Engineering degree might do at XYZ Company.

I will contact you by phone next week to arrange a brief meeting at your convenience.  Thank you for considering my request.


Stu Dent


Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations

College of Engineering

117 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710

Phone: 814-863-1032