Letter of Inquiry

The following document is only intended to be an example of content and formatting. Please note that a letter of inquiry should be no more than one page long when printed out.

If you are mailing a physical letter, include the recipient's name and address and the date at the top of the letter.


Ms. R. E. Cruiter
Human Resources Manager, XYZ Paper Company

Dear Ms. Cruiter:

After learning more about XYZ Paper Company at your information session here at Penn State earlier this semester, I have become interested in securing a co-op opportunity there starting this coming summer.  I have attached my résumé for your review.

I have had a wide range of work experiences that I feel could benefit XYZ Paper Company.  My chemical engineering coursework provides a technical background in fluid flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and basic stoichiometry, as well as practical experience in each of these engineering fundamentals.

I have also had experience working at PennDOT as an engineering intern. This work experience, although not related to my major, enabled me to obtain experience in:

  • Leadership of a contracted work crew consisting of 15 laborers
  • Troubleshooting daily process issues and creating plans for issue resolution
  • Taking responsibility for the safety of a work crew and the general public
  • Effectively communicating with a cross-section of employees, from operations to upper management
  • Project budgeting and planning

I would like to discuss any co-op opportunities that you may have available. I can be reached at 814-865-5555 or via e-mail at ssd1234@psu.edu.


Stu Dent


Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations

College of Engineering

117 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710

Phone: 814-863-1032