Application Cover Letter

The following document is only intended to be an example of content and formatting. Please note that a cover letter should be no more than one page long when printed out.

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Ms. R. E. Cruiter
Human Resources Manager, XYZ Company

Dear Ms. Cruiter:

I have completed an application for the computer science co-op position (#12345) that was posted in the Nittany Lion Careers job search system at Penn State this past week and is scheduled to begin this summer.  I have also uploaded a résumé for your review.

The position requirements mesh well with my abilities and interests in web design. The job posting indicates a need for candidates with knowledge of various types of programming and software used in web design. The computer science curriculum at Penn State includes extensive coursework in C, C++, Java, HTML, UNIX, and SQL; I have already completed most of these courses.  I also have experience in using several web development software packages. My experience as a student computer consultant for the University over the past two semesters has given me exposure to both PC and Macintosh operating systems.

Please contact me at 814-865-5555 or to discuss my qualifications for the co-op position at XYZ Company. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stu Dent


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