Corporate Support and Engagement

Your long-term recruiting success at Penn State depends on your committed, consistent, visible presence on campus. Beyond recruiting assistance, we can work with you to identify ways in which your company or organization can increase its visibility in the College of Engineering.

We offer a variety of branding opportunities to help you expand your engineering recruiting potential.

Recruiting Day

A recruiting day is like a mini-career fair for just your company or organization.


$500 (per event, available in the fall and spring semesters)

What's Included

  • Student lounge reserved for the duration of your event, with space for your booth or display
  • Posters created by us to promote your event
  • Advertising on our website, social media, and electronic broadcast system prior to the event

Career Envoy Sponsorship


$2,500 (per fiscal year, July 1–June 30)

What's Included

  • Your logo on our website
  • Support for Engineering Career Envoy (peer mentor) scholarships
  • Assistance in promoting selected activities, jobs, and events

Recruiting Partners Program

Learn about the Recruiting Partners Program


$10,000 (per fiscal year, July 1–June 30)

Engineering/EECS Affiliates Program

Learn about the Engineering/EECS Affiliates Program


$15,000 (per fiscal year, July 1–June 30)


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