How To Use Brazen Careers

Brazen Careers is a virtual text, audio, and video platform that many Penn State career offices use to host online career events, including information sessions, recruiting days, networking events, and career fairs.

To make the best use of Brazen Careers for recruiting, see instructions and tips below.

Before the Event

Access and Set Up Your Booth

  • You will receive an automated email from Brazen Careers (, including a link to set up your virtual booth for the event as a booth owner. Booth owners have rights to access, manage, and update their booth. If you should not be listed as the booth owner or if you need a second owner, please contact Kim Fox.
  • Add information about your organization in the content section. Students will be able to view this information prior to the event to help them research your organization.
  • Add booth representatives (individuals who will attend the live event and chat with participants). If you are a booth owner and want to participate, you will also need to add yourself as a representative.
    • Any representatives you add will receive separate emails from Brazen with RSVP links; they will need to respond and complete their profiles prior to the event in order to chat with participants.
    • We strongly encourage all employers to add as many representatives as possible (at least four per booth, with additional representatives on standby) to help cut down on student wait times in the queues.
  • Include an email address in the Drop Off Notes section to allow students to send you a message if they are unable to connect with you during the fair.
  • Add positions for which you are recruiting (with links) and add logos and images to make your booth more dynamic and visually appealing.
    • Please note that, although you can modify your booth prior to the event, certain fields cannot be edited during the event or for the last 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Review Booth Tags

  • We will manually add tags to your virtual booth to help students better use the event search functionality. Booth tags can be found in the Settings section of your booth.
  • Review the tags and contact Kim Fox if you need any changes made. Please do not attempt to change tags yourself, as the system is complex.

Get Additional Training

Brazen provides additional training resources:

Check Technology

  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Brazen events.
  • To avoid dropped calls where possible during events, we strongly recommend using a desktop computer with an ethernet connection, if available.
  • Log in 24 hours before the event. Check that your company or organization doesn't have a firewall in place that would prevent you from accessing the video/audio chat features. You may need to change some security settings or log out of your VPN.
  • Test your system connectivity to Brazen.
  • We recommend that you log out of other programs that use internet bandwidth while actively participating in the virtual career fair (e.g., close your email program and other internet pages/browsers).
  • Use headphones or earbuds with a microphone to enhance video/audio chat clarity. Test your sound prior to the event.
  • Learn how to use the video booth in Brazen so you can video chat with participants.

Troubleshoot As Needed

Brazen has provided the following pre-event troubleshooting information.

I forgot my password.

Reset your password. Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within five minutes.

I'm not receiving any event emails. 

Emails are sent from First, check to see if they are getting caught in spam. Then, make sure to whitelist Brazen's IP address:

How do I test my audio and video?

You can run two automated tests to make sure you are prepared to join 1-to-1 video chats or videobroadcast booths:

Both tests are designed to help identify whether or not you have a technical issue and, if so, what kind. Follow the recommendations provided by the test results. Then, follow the next steps provided by Brazen.

Brazen isn't loading properly.

Make sure you are using a browser supported by Brazen, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Also, ensure that you have the most recent version of the browser. For best results, Chrome is recommended.

I need further assistance.

Brazen's support team is available to help. Visit Brazen's support site, submit a help request, or reach out to

The Day of the Event

  • Booth representatives should log in and click on the link for the appropriate event. Click Enter Event to be taken to the Event Lobby, where you will see the booth(s) that you are assigned to with a blue Your Booth tag at the top of the booth.
  • If you are assigned to one booth:
    • Click Enter to enter your booth.
    • Once the event is live, you will see a green button labeled Chat. Click this button to begin engaging in one-on-one chats with participants waiting in line for your booth. If nothing happens after you click the Chat button and your status is Waiting To Chat, that means there are no participants waiting in line at that time.
    • Make sure your sound is enabled so you will receive a notification each time you receive a new chat.
  • If you are assigned to multiple booths:
    • Uncheck Accepting New Chats.
    • Enter each booth you are assigned to and click the green Chat button (available once the event is live).
    • Check Accepting New Chats to receive chats in all booths you are assigned to regardless of where you are in the event.
    • Make sure your sound is enabled so you will receive a notification each time you receive a new chat.
  • You can elect to activate the Leave a Note feature, which allows students to send you a message through Brazen if they were interested in chatting but were unable to wait in line. To alleviate student dissatisfaction, we recommend that all representatives activate this feature and let students know that they can use it.  
  • Chats are set for a predetermined amount of time; during each chat, you'll see a timer so you know how much time you have left. Representatives can extend a chat if more time is needed. An alert will pop up when you have two minutes left in the chat. Select your preferred time extension. Both students and recruiters have the ability to end the chat prior to the timer expiring.
  • If you need to take a break from chatting, uncheck the Accepting New Chats box while you are unavailable. Be sure to re-enable chats when you return.

After the Event

You can access your chat history for at least six months by clicking History in the upper right-hand corner of your screen from the Lobby. To access the Lobby after the event, enter the event just as you would if it were live. 

*Brazen provides some training resources in PDF format only at this time. Please contact us if you have difficulty accessing the information.


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