Increase Your Visibility

There are many things you can do to raise the profile of your company or organization among Penn State engineering students, faculty, and staff.

Recruit Actively   

Besides using eCareer to post co-op, internship, and full-time jobs for engineering students and recent graduates, consider participating in recruiting events.

A wide variety of annual career events is held at the University Park campus each year. These events provide opportunities for you to make personal connections with students, provide information about your company or organization, and establish a presence on campus. 

We can also help you arrange special smaller-scale events or activities for students in specific majors or student organizations, such as: 

  • A résumé review session (we suggest offering these just prior to large career events)
  • An information session about your company or organization
  • A recruiting day, which is like a "mini-career fair" for your company or organization (cost: $500)
  • A professional development talk on a technical or workplace topic
  • A networking event such as a tailgate, barbecue, lunch, or dinner

We will advertise your custom events in the eCareer system, on our website, and on our social media.  At a minimum, we will include the event title or type, event date(s), location, and starting and ending times.  However, you will stand the best chance of having a good student turnout if you also provide us with additional information, including:

  • Desired degree levels and majors, if the event isn’t open to all engineering students
  • A brief summary of the event, if it is something other than an information session or résumé review
  • Any other details you feel are important for students to know when they are making a decision about attending

Contact the Recruiting Manager if you would like to arrange a custom career event.

Support Professional Development

Raise your company or organizational profile among engineering students by giving a professional development seminar or presentation on either a technical topic or a career-related topic such as transitioning from school to work, preparing for an internship, or adapting to workplace culture.  Contact us if you are interested.

Provide Funding

Engineering student organizations need support for their activities and their members’ professional development. Consider funding one or more organizations whose members you might want to hire.  You could also support engineering scholarships or a student design project. Contact the Engineering Development Office to find out how to make a contribution.

Make Connections

Learn how you can get plugged into the activities of other key offices both in the College of Engineering and at the University level, including:

Become a Recruiting Partner

The Recruiting Partners Program is intended to help companies or organizations that do not yet have a strong engineering recruiting presence at Penn State.  We work with participating employers to develop and implement a detailed strategic recruitment plan. Due to the intensive planning aspect of the Recruiting Partners Program, participation is currently limited each academic year and employers may participate for a maximum of three years.

Recruiting Partners will:

  • Have a free recruiting day coordinated and advertised by us
  • Be branded as a featured employer both on our website and in the eCareer job posting system
  • Receive early notification of recruiting and career-related events in the College of Engineering and other selected colleges
  • Receive assistance in making student and faculty connections within the College
  • Receive exclusive invitations to provide professional development presentations and activities for engineering students
  • Benefit from targeted promotion to desired student populations regarding campus visits and activities

Please contact our Director with any questions.


Engineering Career Resources & Employer Relations

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